5.1.3 Definition of A Young Carer

A young carer is any young person under the age of 18 years whose life is in some way affected or restricted by the need to be involved in the care of a family member who is ill, disabled or otherwise infirm.

Young Carers can be either:

Primary Carers: someone who has sole responsibility for care tasks eg - in a single parent family

Secondary Carers: someone who has a supporting role in undertaking a large range of tasks eg - helping to care for a sibling who is ill or disabled

Secondary Carers can become Primary Carers when for instance adults are at work.

In some cases the young person providing the care could be considered to potentially be a vulnerable child who may be at risk of not achieving their full potential against the 5 ECM outcomes.

In all cases where a worker from Children's Services becomes aware of a Young Carer they should seek permission of the adult to refer them to the relevant Adult Services directorate within Social Care and Inclusion for an assessment of the adults needs.

When the adult is in agreement to a referral being made, the Children's Services worker, on making the referral, should alert the Adult social worker that there is a Young Carer in the household.

The Children's Services social worker should seek the consent of the parent and the Young Carer to refer the child to the Young Carers project.