3.9.8 Disruption of Adoptive Placements

Also see Placement for Adoption Procedure.

Where an adoptive placement breaks down (following placement), a Disruption Meeting will be held to identify the reasons for the breakdown and to learn lessons from the events surrounding the breakdown.

The Disruption Meeting will be held between 28 and 42 days after the placement breaks down, and will follow a set agenda.

The manager of the Adoption Service will chair the meeting unless he or she considers that an independent person should be appointed to act as chair. A minute taker will also attend.

Where an Adoption Placement Plan is terminated before the adoptive placement takes place, the adoption link worker for a Walsall approved family or the family finder if the child has been placed with another agency’s family will prepare a report for the Adoption Panel. The report must outline the reasons for the breakdown.

When a Disruption Meeting takes place, the meeting will be convened by the child’s social worker, who will invite the prospective adoptive parents, the link worker for the adopters, the current carers and any other relevant people. The team managers for both the child’s social worker and the adopters’ link worker must also attend. The child’s social worker will also ensure that the child’s views and feelings are given to the meeting in the most appropriate way.

The child’s social worker and the prospective adopters’ link worker should attend the Adoption Panel to present a report from the Disruption Meeting. The Adoption Panel should also receive copies of the Panel minutes recommending the adoption plan for the child, the prospective adopters’ approval and the matching, to enable learning points to be shared.

The child’s social worker should contact the Panel Coordinator to book a date for the Adoption Panel to consider the matter and copies of the relevant documents should be sent to the Panel Coordinator 14 days before the Panel meeting.

The Adoption Panel may consider whether the plan for the child should be reviewed, (including a revision of the child’s checklist of needs and Child's Permanence Report) and/or whether the prospective adopters’ approval or category of approval should be reconsidered, and these issues may need to be further investigated and reports be presented to a subsequent meeting.