3.12.2 Monitoring Quality in Residential Care


This procedure applies to Children’s Homes managed by the authority.


  1. Regulation 33 Visits
  2. Regulation 34 Reviews

1. Regulation 33 Visits

In keeping with Regulations 33 of the Children’s Homes Regulations 2001, the authority will arrange for monthly visits to be undertaken of its Children’s Homes.

The arrangements for these visits are that, each month, the Service Manager, Care Resources or Family Support and Child Protection Adviser will visit the authority’s Children’s Homes.

The visits should usually be unannounced but can be announced if it is necessary to arrange to meet a particular person.

The Designated Manager may undertake specific checks and have access to what records s/he sees fit. This will also focus on particular themes or issues including the following:

  1. Meet and talk to children and staff of the home to ascertain their views, comments and any complaints about the running of the home.
  2. Read the Daily Log, records of Restraints, Incidents and Sanctions of the home and note trends and areas of good and unacceptable practice. 
  3. Read the records of Comments, Representations and Complaints (including Child Protection Complaints) held by the manager, commenting on the frequency and type made and whether they appear to have been dealt with adequately.
  4. Read and comment on the record of Residents’ House and Staff Meetings, or other methods used by the manager to consult the children and staff, held in the home.
  5. Check on the physical condition and decoration of the home, including the children’s bedrooms.

The manager undertaking the visit will write a report (Regulation 33 Template), which will include recommendations for action.

The Registered Manager within one week of the Regulation 33 visit will prepare an action plan with timescales detailing named staff who will be responsible for addressing issues raised during the visit. This will be reviewed on each subsequent Regulation 33 Visit.

The report will be sent to the Manager of the home with a copy to the Regulatory Authority e.g. Ofsted.

2. Regulation 34 Reviews

In keeping with Regulations 34 of the Children’s Homes Regulations 2001, the Registered Manager will ensure that systems are in place to monitor the performance of the home against its Statement of Purpose, and for regular reviewing of the Statement, and the registered provider ensures that performance is monitored in accordance with the Children’s Homes Regulations 2001.

The Registered Manager will monitor and sign the home’s records at least once a month, to identify any patterns or issues requiring action. They will take action to improve or adjust provisions where necessary.

Where action is taken in relation to any concentration, trend or pattern in recorded issues or events to improve the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children and the quality of care in the home. The Registered Manager will ensure that staff and residents are informed.

The Registered Manager will consider the reasons for any high incidence of police involvement with children from the home, high proportion of children not at school or suspended or excluded from school, or high staff turnover. Any consequential action necessary is carried out.

The Registered Manager will demonstrate that the home is operating in accordance with its Statement of Purpose, that the range of needs to be met under the Statement of Purpose is not excessive in the light of the home’s current functioning, and that the home only admits children whose assessed needs can be met within the purpose of the home.

The registered person has a written development plan, reviewed annually, for the future of the home, either identifying any planned changes in the operation or resources of the home, or confirming the continuation of the home’s current operation and resourcing.

Copies of inspection reports by the Regulatory Authority will be prominently displayed within the home and made available by the registered person to all members of staff, to children resident at the home, to parents, and on request to placing authorities of existing children or considering placing a child.

On a monthly basis the Regulation 34 form will be completed and signed by the Registered Manager and then sent to the Manager of Residential Services which will then be forwarded to the Regulatory Authority