3.13.4 Spiritual Development


This Chapter applies to all Looked After Children. Religious Observance, Racial Origin, Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds Guidance should be read in relation to children placed in residential care and foster care.

Each child’s Placement Plan should show how their religious and spiritual development needs are being accounted for, with a view to encouraging and supporting them to maintain a positive regard for their background and culture.

The Placement Plan should incorporate the following:

  1. Children should be provided with balanced information and advice about their own religion and cultural background, or that of their family.
  2. Children should be encouraged to join or confirm a faith of their choice and should be supported with the provision of such items that are necessary e.g. bibles or prayer mats.
  3. Children’s daily routine, including their meal times and diet, should be amended to account for their religious and spiritual observances/needs.

    Birthdays or other celebratory days or occasions relating to children’s preferred religion will be given special significance and celebrated as appropriate. There are allowances available for staff/carers to purchase cards and presents and it expected they will ensure they take steps to recognise children’s birthdays.
  4. Children should also be encouraged to explore and understand different religions and cultures to their own; this should include meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures.